Karin Nanase (七瀬 かりん, Nanase Karin) née Haruko Nanase was a gravure idol who gained a niche after starring in a late night tv drama. She died under mysterious circumstances and became the basis of the Steel Lady Nanase rumors.


She has a tall frame and long purple hair, tied into two ponytails at the base of her head. She also has large, E cup breasts.


She was a kind, soft-spoken person. She still cares even to that of her abusive father and still delivers him food after he and her mother divorced. She smokes when she gets depressed.


Haruko Nanase was just a simple high schooler when she was spotted and scouted by a person who decided to make her an idol due to her ample chest. She got her start doing mostly gravure shoots, but eventually got her big break with a tv show using both her likeness and song.

After the untimely death of her father and the release of his notes accusing her of murder, Haruko was hounded by the media and forced to spend time away from the spotlight. In this time, she would go from hotel to hotel to stay hidden. One rainy night, she went out to an abandoned construction site to smoke, consumed with guilt. When a pile of old steel beams became unstable and came hurtling towards her, she let them crush her without resistance.





Hatsumi Nanase:

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  • The production team for the anime created an official Karin Nanase role-playing account on twitter. On the other hand, they also created the official Steel Lady Nanase's Wiki.
  • To commemorate the anime, the production team also tweeted some informations regarding Karin's sudden disappearance, this includes:
There have been reports in some weekly magazines and newspapers that Karin Nanase was involved in the death of her father, but that isn't the case.
We apologize for any inconvenience or concern.
Karin Nanase will be taking a break due to poor physical condition. She has the intention to come back , so we hope you will be able to keep an eye until her activities resume.
We're sorry for the worries.


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