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Kudan (くだん, "human-faced bovine") is a type of yokai.


The kudan is depicted as having the head of a human and the body of a bovine.



Many years ago, Kudan were hunted by the Sakuragawa family in order to achieve their goal of obtaining the power to predict the future, it succeeded after they ate the Kudan meat. However, they quickly died after making a prophecy as death is the price to use the ability. The family head then presumed that they also needed Ningyo, another yokai that known to be eternally young and immortal, hence combining both of them could possibly make someone foresee the future without dying. Their meat were then fed to the child of the Sakuragawa family, many of them died with only Kuro Sakuragawa and Rikka Sakuragawa became the only survivors.


Precognition: Kudans have the ability to be able to predict the future at the expense of their own death, their predictions often consisted of famines and misfortunes and were never wrong. It is later revealed that rather than predicting the future, they have many branches of the future that they are able to choose what happens as long as it is within their ability.


  • The other way to write kudan in Japanese is "" which is composed of two characters: hito (人, "human"), and ushi (牛, "cow" or "bull").
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