Nushi no Orochi



Biographical Info
Kanji ヌシの大蛇
Classification Yokai
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 15
Voiced by Kouki Miyata

Nushi no Orochi (ヌシの大蛇) is a yokai and the guardian serpent of Mt.Tsukuna in M city who calls on Kotoko Iwanaga to solve the mystery of what he heard.


Kotoko and Kuro scene 2

Nushi no Orochi meets Kotoko and Kuro.

Nushi no Orochi takes the appearance of a large snake, indistinguishable from any common, single colored snake if not for the markings on the top of its head or its size.


Despite being a spirit that has watched over Mt.Tsukuna for centuries, the serpent is a curious and stubborn being who fusses over little details like phrasing and how people see him. He is concerned about how people see him as a man-eater and prefers to eat young virgins if he had to.


As a guardian serpent, he has spent centuries taking care of Mt.Tsukuna and observing the people who visit the mountain. He has been worshipped as a water god since ancient times and people have given him human sacrifices to ask for rain, despite the fact that he really has no power over water.

In Chapter 15, he requests the help of Iwanaga to tell him what Aoi Tanio meant when she said "I really hope they find it," after disposing of a body into the swamp he presides over.



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